Tuesday, 27 August 2013

All change! A set back ...

After such an amazing day yesterday, as we were worshipping during our devotions today the phone rang with some bad news.  Calvin rang to say that the prison has gone into lockdown!  That means no visitors ... We really need your prayers please.  We were scheduled for Friday and Calvin is really working hard to get us in even if it means on another day.  Disappointing especially as we had had such a good day yesterday inviting the guys along and seeing how excited many were about our visit, it seems so cruel.

Meanwhile if we don't go on Friday another opportunity has opened up for us to go into the detox centre and detention centre which is fantastic!

Today has been another brilliant day of new opportunity.  After breakfast we travelled west and crossed the border and a time zone back into Arizona to the Sun Valley Indian School.  A boarding school for Navajo children run by Christians.  We set up in the Chapel and then had lunch with the kids, spent some time playing with them in their playground in the baking hot sun and then took a session with the whole school and staff.  We sang, did a drama skit, showed one of our mission films, talked about the UK, preached and had a Q and A session.  It was really good to have freedom to talk to the kids about Jesus.

We then went into the classrooms to see the different things they are learning about including working with wool and weaving!  The guys took a soccer session in the gym.  We left behind soccer gear, games and gifts for the staff and a financial gift.  We all felt extremely blessed by the day and the welcome we had received.

On our way home we stopped off in Holbrook to show Steve the Wigwam Motel and have tea in Romas.

We are now back in Gallup extremely tired ... tomorrow is going to be a very full day.  Please pray for our stamina.


  1. After just reading your excellent and encouraging news about how things were going for you all, I was sorry to learn this sad and disappointing news but I'll continue to pray things will improve for the mission and will turn out to be probably the best you've had thus far :-)

    With Very Best Wishes from Salvo.

  2. Sounds strange praying that my parents will get in to prison...but I hope that you do.

    A tip for getting a 'boost' to your system for stamina...other than praying...they sell electrolyte sachets in places like walmart...put them in water and drink that...will keep you hydrated and make you feel energised :) worked wonders for us last year in the states. The orange/ lemon and lime ones are good. Berry flavoured ones are rank xxx

  3. Hey guys,

    Glad you are having a great time and being used by God. Just got back from ONE event so caught up on all of the blogs. Be bold and courageous and you will keep taking ground for God. The prison in lockdown, is a clear sign that the Devil doesn't want you in there, but God is Greater, so praying you can visit. Love to all. David and Beth

  4. You are clearly having an impact where you are. We're praying that God's plan will happen on Friday - whatever that is. As David Turner said - God is far greater.

  5. As David Turner has said, God is far greater. Praying his plan will happen on Friday - whatever that may be. You're clearly all having an impact where you are. The videos are fantastic btw - especially the intro one with the 'words' held up. Bless you guys.


    Just seen that my comment last night never made it to your blog again:-( (I blame my FB app! But wanted you to know that we are following you and praying for you. We are excited by the unexpected opportunities that are opening up for you even when things don't seem to be going as expected. We'd love to see the prison open up on Friday but if it creates time to visit the detox centre that will be amazing too. Nothing is a surprise for Our God! He is clearly equipping for a variety of situations and your stories will be speaking into the lives of all those that you meet. We know that wherever you end up our God will be transforming live.

    We love you guys, you are very special, we are praying for you we are 'with' you, keep on keeping on!! xx