Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Photo's - Tuesday

                                                   In Chapel at Sun Valley Indian School
                                                Some older children leading us in a song
                                                              Lunch with the children
                             Chris presenting some of the Notebooks (see earlier blog) to the school
                                      Some of the younger children off to do their homework!
Chilling in the Gym after soccer skill training.


  1. The picture of the Chaple makes me want to ask is everything in America BIG including the schools? :-)

    However, it looks like things are going well and trust you're now able to get back on course and visit the Prison as I've certainly been praying for this to happen.

  2. Great that you went the extra mile ,or should I say miles, and did the 200 mile round trip to the Sun Valley Indian School. Not only did you bless the staff and children, as you say you all felt extremely blessed by the day. Well Done!