Saturday, 24 August 2013


Phew!  Finally arrived after 30 hours of being awake and travelling!  We rolled into the car park at Joshua Generation for Jesus greeted my Dennis and Peewee.  It was actually 3.45am Gallup time - although we all thought it was 2.45am as we had crossed and then recrossed a time zone through Arizona.

We had to keep swapping drivers as we travelled north from Phoenix on the Interstate 17 and then picked up the Interstate 40 (Route 66) heading back east from Flagstaff to Gallup.

Our hosts have done us proud with beds all made, lots of extra bathrooms and beds and living areas, breakfast room etc.

One prayer need is for Margaret who lost her phone on the flight.  We think a helpful hostess who lifted her bag into the locker may have tipped it out by accident.

We quickly got to bed and set our alarms for 7 so that we can get to work straight away at the flea market - so here we are eating bagels and prepping for our first outreach.

More news to come later today.

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  1. Dear Lord and Father of mankind may this Mission be one of the best you have lead the Team into doing not only for them but for everyone who comes into contact with them and may Margaret be reunited with her phone too. Thank You :-)