Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday - cont..

                  Margaret speaking at the Ladies Meeting at Joshua Generation Church. Gallup on Thurs. evening. Good response from the ladies and we had the priviledge of praying with some of them.
      Colette giving instructions on making paper aeroplanes - the boys (and then the girls) were having a competition to see if their plane would fly further than their teacher's plane!
            We led Chapel at ManuelitoSchool then split into groups for teaching and discussion.
                                    The guys setting up for coffee and a chat in the Town Plaza last evening.

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  1. Although I'm more than pleased loads of photos, I'm a little bemused at what Chris was doing?

    However, it looks like you've found plenty to do and I sincerely trust God will continue to use you in everything you do and continue to Bless you as you all continue to Bless others with your endevours in his name :-)