Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tea and a chat x 2

Today has been another full day, tea and a chat twice, once at the flea market this morning and then at the ceremonial dancing tonight.  It has been a long hot day and we are exhausted.

In between we headed south to Zuni Pueblo on the Zuni Reservation to their fair. It was extremely hot as we went from stall to stall.  We were made to feel very welcome and they even gave us free lunch!

Everyday we are developing stronger and stronger ties with the folks here and we even had guys turn up at the flea market and the town square tonight to seek us out - people we met at the detox or In school or Care 66.  One guy had even read the whole of 'Once an Addict' book we gave him in the detox.  He enjoyed it and asked for prayer.

Tomorrow will be another full day - Calvin's church in morning, Kit Carson reconciliation and then church on the Rez in the evening.

Good night everyone - pictures hopefully uploaded by Sue tomorrow.

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  1. Hi, guys; you can't beat a good ol' cup of tea....hope you were all able to get some rest last night.....glad you're seeing fruit develop already....God bless, you all at the Sunday service.......we saw the blog projected up at TCC this morning at the 11am service, with some of the pictures etc.
    Pray that the prison opportunity will resurface.....God bless, Martin & Jan