Sunday, 1 September 2013

Photo's - Saturday

                                          Flea Market - Balloons are popular with the children
                                                             Flea Market - Tea & Chat
                                                          Our free BBQ at Zuni Fair
                                                  Zuni Ladies getting ready for Pot Dance


  1. Just catching up with posts & comments from the start. Thank you for the updates. Continue being Christ like in all things, be bold & courageous. The tcc encouragement today was ur in the right place & time and to come back home (right/close relationship). When ur tired, let the Lord shine. Spirit led open doors. Love & God bless from Grant & Marta

  2. Although all the pictures of you joining with others over meals is making me feel hungry, what better way to get to know each other LOL

  3. Although I've had a few problems with my computer of late, I can assure everybody I'm still with you both in thought and prayer in fact not a day has gone by without you being mentioned to others and what you're doing with the help of The Lord in Navajo :-)

    Great to see another photo with balloons in it, as like myself it's certainly a Great way to share your faith of OUR never failing friend :-)

    Take care and may The Lord continue to Bless you All the way you're certainly blessing me, and I dare say countless others, via your excellent photos. Thank You!

  4. The team look happy - a key to success. May you be blessed even more in your endeavours during this final week, and may the Lord lead you and anoint you with the Holy Spirit as you continue to reach out.