Monday, 2 September 2013

Kids Fun Day!

We were up early to set up the church for the kids find day and soccer school.  We welcomed about 50 or more kids.

Julie and Alice went off to buy food for lunch, Margaret set up hot drinks for the adults and Mark went to pick up some of the people we had met for tea and chat at the ceremonial dancing.  The kids went off to the park with Chris J, Steve, Richard, Colette, Dave and Sue to do soccer.

After an hour or so they came back to the church for ice lollies and then Chris and Sue did some kids teaching and Steve, Colette and Julie did some kids worship.   We showed the 'I am a Christian' video too.

Then there was craft and face painting and other fun stuff.  We fed them all lunch and then had a huge water fight!  That was great fun.   They went off happy with some goodies.  It was a successful day.

We then tried to get out to a rodeo event but only caught the very last event. So we went back to Gallup and had a meal and checked out the coffee shop in town that we are hoping to do some live music in tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers, although tired we know that we are being strengthened.  Hoping to add some more photos tomorrow.

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  1. A great well balanced & gifted team "In the right place at the right time". I'm sure God is using you all to bless the socks off em (Hope no socks & sandels though). Keep sowing the seeds far & wide and commit them to God to bring growth and fruit in season.