Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Variety is the spice of life!

Today has been another busy and varied day and another day of 'firsts'.  After devotions we set out to a residential home for the elderly run by the Sisters of the Poor.  It was in a lovely area of the town and it was a really lovely facility.  We were shown into the room where there must have been about 30 people, mainly Native either Navajo or Zuni.  We sang and shared testimony and they responded to us.  It was really worthwhile. One of the carers translated into Navajo for us.  One man called Robert was particularly blessed.

After that we returned to Joshua Generation for more prayer and devotions.  We then set out to do some admin downtown, get lunch, go to the cultural centre and then head back to the church to grab our gear and head out to Sunshine Canyon.  We set up our canopy at the dead end and started kicking a ball about and blowing up balloons and cooking hot dogs.  Sue and Alice went door to door and a crowd of kids and a couple of adults joined us.  A lady came up with a little child that we had prayed with when we'd been in the area before to tell us that she had walked further than she had in months and that she had noticed an improvement immediately after the prayer.  So we were able to pray again with her for further healing.

We stayed for about an hour just blessing the kids - one lad said it was the best day of his life!  So humbling.

Then after Enchilladas and Frito pie made by Peewee we went down to the Coffee House to sing in the cafe.  Again we were joined by folk we'd met in the town square when we did tea and a chat and whom have had an answer to our prayers today!  God has provided work for them!

God is blessing our mission!  We feel so very blessed.  Tomorrow we head up to Farmington Navajo Ministries.


  1. Although there is too much for me to read and fully understand what I'm actually reading, it is good to see God is continuing to Bless both the mission and you too, long may this continue and may you Bless Us All upon your return with everything which has gone on during this very exciting mission :D

  2. What a full week you've had; any news on the prison yet? Glad you're feeling blessed and blessing others.
    Be renewed....in the Presence.......of the Lord......
    God bless, Martin & Jan

  3. Such good things going on there ya'll! The responses from the people you refer to must be very encouraging for you. Praying for your sustained energy. Keep up the great ministering. Much love, the Winghams