Thursday, 5 September 2013

Photo's - Wed.

                                                                Meeting the Mayor
                                                       Our welcome at Farmington
                                                      Our bunkhouse for the next 2 nights!
                                                            Church Drama - CJ & Mark
                                                  Sue blogging in kitchen at bunkhouse!
                                                         End of drama - Dave & Alice


  1. Hi Guys,

    Looks like great fun, keep up the good work. All is well here, super hot today!
    Was praying for you all this morning, and felt God encourage you with the words 'you are chosen' - chosen to do his work, to be on mission, chosen as a team and individually.
    Press on. David T

  2. Thanks for all the blogging. Day at the Rez sounds fantastic. Great pictures too. Bless you all &your hosts.