Monday, 2 September 2013

Sunday Services

                                        Julie, Colette & Steve leading worship
                              Boxes used in one of our Drama's (or as they say here - Skits)
                                      4 year old Caleb showing us how to worship with flags


  1. Really great to hear all your news guys. Looks like God is really using you there and its fantastic to hear that salvation has come to town. Love the pics-tell Richard if he eats ti many of them burgers he'll look like one. Stay safe and blessed.
    God bless you all
    Miles clan

  2. I love the box idea as it looks so simple yet really effective too :-)

    As for the little lad showing you how to flag worship things like this always makes me smile just as it does when a youngster attempts to blow of one my balloons with the pump I use on Southend high street many thanks for posting this photo as I'm feeling rather low today as the majority schools went back today which subsequently resulted in the end of my six weeks of FUN.

    .However thanks to you I'll be able to continue seeing The Lord working in other people's lives :-)