Thursday, 5 September 2013

Navajo Ministries

We have had a busy day today with an early start - pastor's prayer at 8.00am in the centre here.  Our guys led worship and we heard a presentation about a sponsored event raising money and awareness about hunger.  Dave then shared about our mission and prayer needs at home.  Afterwards we had coffee and cake with pastors before heading down to meet the children in the education centre.

We presented the Notebook computers to them and would you believe we had 11 and there were 11 children in the class!

We answered questions about England and then left as we had an afternoon off before coming back to have a meal with them and do a programme in the evening.

We headed out and had lunch at Taco Bell before driving over to Navajo Lake where we hired a motor boat and had a couple of hours down time.  Steve, Chris J and Chris G, Mark and Alice all got in and swam.  It was a lovely time to relax briefly before heading back to do ministry.

The meal was great.  We sat at different tables and got chatting to the staff, house parents and children.  We then led about 45 minutes of kids ministry with drama, songs etc and showed our films.  There were more questions about us and our culture.  They sang to us in Navajo and also did their pledge of allegiance to the flag in Navajo.

After that a local Navajo artist came with some prints that he was selling with some proceeds going to the ministry here.

Tomorrow morning we will be on Vertical Radio FM which is broadcast on the Internet if you want to tune in - it will be 9.30am our time which is about 4.30pm your time back in the UK.  Then we will head back over the Rez to Gallup where we have some more ministry possibilities.

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