Wednesday, 4 September 2013

We have crossed the Rez!

Today has been another fantastic day.  We began with a meeting with the mayor and fed back to him all the things we have done over the past week or so.  He was very encouraging and we are really praying that when he goes up for election that he will succeed so that he will be place on our next mission.

After that we went back to the church to rehearse and pack so that we could leave early afternoon to cross the reservation and go to Farmington.  The journey took two and half hours and it was great to arrive at Navajo Ministries and see the welcome sign outside on the main road.

We are staying in a bunk house on site which is really comfortable.

We had a meal at a Chinese restaurant in town with Nathaniel and Rosandra from Gallup - a lovely couple who have blessed us so much on this mission.  They came up from Gallup to see relatives.

We had to be at the Riverside Bread of Life church outside town by 6.30pm to take a service.  It was a lovely church with great facilities and so we could show our film, project words and they had a good sound system, drums etc so we set up and did worship, drama, testimony etc.  it was a really good evening with ministry time.  The pastor led in English and Navajo.

We have just got back to the bunk house after a compulsory visit to Walmart - we rated this one better than the Gallup store!  We even had ministry in the shop praying for a few folk whilst doing our shopping.

Tomorrow we are taking part in the pastor's prayer meeting, then to the school on site and later having tea with the kids and doing a programme with them.  We are hoping to visit Navajo Lake in the afternoon.

When we got out of the cars to tonight at 10.45pm it was still overt 80 degrees F!  Going to be hot night!

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