Sunday, 8 September 2013

Our last mission day!

We started the day with devotions and prayer.  We prayed for Chris Govus who was feeling a bit breathless this morning and for our last service here at Joshua Generation.

It was a great service.  We did two dramas, Margaret shared testimony, Steve, Colette and Julie led worship and Julie sang a solo.  Dave preached up a storm!!  It was really great to see a lot of folk come along today and for opportunity to pray for a few at the end.

What really blew us away was a film that they had made for us about our mission!  Without knowing it Peewee had taken photos and film on her phone and they put it together with music to say 'Well done and a thank you!'  It brought tears to our eyes.  It was very precious.

Then we had to say goodbye to the church.  Calvin Robinson came over to say goodbye to us too.  But it was not goodbye just 'au revoir' as we will see them again!

We set out with Dennis and Peewee north to St Michael on the Rez to meet up with Herb Hutchinson (one of Bill Haley's Comets) who is now a Bishop and has a mission on the Rez.  They hosted for lunch of Navajo Tacos.  It was really good to share some time with him and his wife before our final goodbyes with Dennis and Peewee.  We set off cross country to Phoenix arriving at almost 11.00pm Arizona time, midnight New Mexico time.  Think we are all pretty exhausted!  But we can hopefully recharge our batteries  a bit tomorrow before our flight home on Tuesday.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  We have had some amazing answers to prayer - looking forward to coming home to share it with the folks back at TCC.


  1. Amazing. Love one another.

  2. We have loved sharing all your news of the great things you have been doing while you have been away,and looking forward to seeing you all soon. we pray for a safe journey home God Bless.
    Mary & Derek

  3. To God be glory to everyone you've seen and may you all have a safe journey home :-)